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Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

I hope you have already seen the excellent film charting the early years of the supergroup Queen. If not then I thoroughly recommend it as a very entertaining portrayal of the formation and development of the band up until their epic performance for Live Aid in 1985.

I have to admit to having a particular interest in the film as I was lucky enough to assist Ben Hardy, (East Enders, X-Men) who plays the part of drummer Roger Taylor, in getting through his audition for the movie.

Ben got in touch with me having told the producers that he could play the drums, which he couldn’t and he had only 8 weeks in which to learn to play two Queen songs convincingly.

Ben practiced virtually non-stop in that period with some guidance and two or three lessons a week from yours truly . His hard work obviously paid off as he got the part!

Here is Ben as he looks in the film.

I’ll leave it to you to Google for better pictures and more info on  Ben & the film.  Do go and see it, you won’t be  disappointed.

    Click a picture for a YouTube clip