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DrumMAN Drum Tuition

Heard this one? - What do you call somebody who hangs around with musicians?    -  A Drummer

The old ones are the best huh?  Prove those cocky guitarists and keyboard jockeys wrong. A good drummer is a musician first, a percussionist second and a noisy animal LAST (well… hopefully!).

Posture & balance -  it is vital to have a balanced position behind the kit for efficient movement and reach

Grips - there are various ways the drumsticks can be held, find the grip which lets you reach full speed and dexterity

Technique - those machine gun rolls are not about arm thrashing, develop the wrist and finger action that allows fast accurate sticking

Rudiments - sticking patterns that underpin everything you will encounter in your playing

Time keeping - numero uno for any drummer, it’s why you are there !

Co-ordination - using both hands and feet difficult? Not with the right practice

Grooves -  lay down the beat and get everyone dancing

Fills - well, a drummer has got to show off a bit

Dynamics - bring the drum kit to life

Syncopation - its all about rhythm

Independence - not just using four limbs but how each one can play its own thing

Reading drum notation - most of my students start by saying ‘I’ll never be able to read music’ and within a couple of weeks can’t do without the score in front of them!

Note variations - 1/4 notes, 1/8 notes, 1/16 notes, triplets - all explained

Time Signatures - what’s all that 4/4, 3/4, 6/8 and 12/8 about then? - Why not come and find out ?