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Below is a list of drum makes currently in my collection -

AD Custom Drums, Ajax, Ayotte, Beverley, Buddy Rich Drum Co. Carlton, CB Drums, Crush, dDrum, Drum Workshop (DW), Dunnett, Eddie Ryan, Forecast, Gatton, GRD, Gretsch, Hayman, Highwood, Liberty, Ludwig, MAN, Mapex, Natal, Noonan, Odery, Peace, Pearl, PDP, Premier, Percusion Plus, Pork Pie, Promuco, Remo, Roland, Rogers, Sakae, Shine, Slingerland, Sonor, Spaun, Stagg, Tama, Tamburo, Tee Drums, Truth, Yamaha

See the Gallery page for pictures

I am extremely lucky to have a very understanding wife who lets me indulge my passion for all things DRUMS!

I have a small ‘studio’ where I teach and where I store and display my ever growing collection of old, interesting and unusual drum kits and snare drums.

I have no single favourite set (most people’s first question) but there are a few very nice ones and I do enjoy finding oddities like my Shine and Gatton.  I am near finishing a renovation of a rare Promuco kit.

Pride of my snare drum collection is a gorgeous 1970’s Beverley Cosmic 21. Now this shouldn’t be the best of the my little hoard which includes DW Edges, Craviotto, Dunnett etc. but it just ‘feels’ great and sounds more like a Ludwig Supraphonic than the real thing , if that isn’t mad (I do have several Ludwigs, of course).

If you have any interesting drums going spare I’d love to hear from you and  if you’d like more info on my collection or just like talking about drums, then give me a call